Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a stone’s throw from Monaco’s glamorous atmosphere and Cannes glittering Movie Festival, LEBON was born: a love story between art and natural beauty science


Our most glamorous and luxurious oral care brand has 2 founders, Stéphanie, Art Historian and Professional Photographer and her husband Richard, a Pharmacist and Cosmetic Certified Dermatologist, both lovers of the sea and nature


Before sailing on a long trip, they gathered all their ideas together to design the most uncompromising, naturally flavoured, organic oral care products, and so LEBON was born, a collection of nine deliciously flavoured toothpastes and one acclaimed mouthwash


A successful Eco-Friendly brand, LEBON only selects the best ethical and natural ingredients and combines them with delicious and exclusive, natural flavour notes from Grasse. This is what makes our oral care products so healthy and delicate tasting 


All our toothpastes contain certified organic aloe vera and green tea, to naturally help protect gums and prevent tooth decay, whilst our alcohol-free, ready to use mouthwash is dedicated to perfecting fresh breath and oral hygiene, so you can smile and kiss with confidence!


LEBON oral care is vegan friendly and naturally sweetened with Stevia Rebaudiana. We have a non-ending “free of” list, including being cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulphate free, fluoride free, titanium dioxide free


The LEBON Organic Oral Care Collection is a tribute to escapism, to flavours and perfumes offered by the sea and nature and to the diversity of world cultures, and of course, its…



Organic Certified

100% Eco-Friendly

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Clean Beauty


Cruelty Free